Monday, 31 March 2014

Color Club Fame and Fortune!

Today I have to show you a gorgeous sparkly, squishy jelly from the color club backstage pass collection. Fame & Fortune!

This polish is a beautiful magenta colour, in a glossy jelly finish,with shards of iridescent glitter.

For the pictures below I used 2 coats of polish and topcoat. The finish is sheer even on my really short nails, so there was still some VNL. However I'm sure it would look great layered over a similar opaque base colour. I usually hate sheer polish, but I really liked this, it was sparkly & gorgeous! 

Now onto the piccies! My camera went berserk trying to capture the right colour, In real life my hands aren't that red!! 

And a couple of piccies with flash!

I was impressed for quite a cheap polish, the application was good & it lasted for a week, with regular topping up of the topcoat.

Definitely my favourite color club (excluding the halo hues, of course!) Do you know of any more Jelly polishes like this? As I'm on the lookout for more!

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles & Lynnderella The Present Is A Gift!

Today I have the most gorgeous polish to show you: Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles & Possibly my favourite Lynn: The Present Is A Gift.

Ballerina Sprinkles Is a baby blue polish with pinky/golden shimmery flecks & a subtle linear holo finish. Pictures show two coats & topcoat.

The Present Is A Gift is a gorgeous pastel multi glitter, I used one coat one both ring fingers.

Now onto the piccies...rather a few I'm afraid, but it's such a beauty it deserved to be shown off! 

Finally I had to include a Matchy Matchy pic with my favourite Marc B handbag. Also you can see the beautiful shimmer in the bottle. 

I really liked this combination & will definitely recreate this mani! 
I love Ballerina Sprinkles so much I have a back up bottle, which I think I need to get for the lynn too! It's my most used Lynnderella-it goes with everything! 

Have you got a favourite polish combination?

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Colors by llarowe Paper Moon

Today I have to show you a gorgeous polish from Colors by llarowe. The stunning paper moon from their 2013 Winter collection. This was actually a Christmas pressie from a lovely friend and fellow nail addict & she couldn't have picked a better polish for me!

it is a mid-toned blue/purple (blurple) polish with a crazy strong linear holo finish. The holo rainbow is clearly visible under almost all lighting. However when I used the flash on my camera, it just went berserk, I think it stunned my camera as it was so hard to capture, hence a few blurry shots!

As with all CBL polishes application was flawless, even though the polish was a tad thicker than other CBLs that I own. Pictures below show two coats for full opacity & a topcoat; which as you can see doesn't dull the holo!

Now onto the piccies...a lot of piccies:

I had to include that last picture as you can clearly see the large rainbow arc across the thumb nail! Isn't it just stunning! 

What do you think of the CBL holos? 
I LOVE them!!

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Enchanted Polish September 2013

The Perfect Ballerina pumps pink!

Today I have a gorgeous polish from Enchanted. It's one of their monthly edition polishes & The colour is so beautiful-literally my favourite colour! Application was flawless & almost opaque in one coat, although I used two in the pictures below. As with all Enchanted polishes, topcoat doesn't dull the amazing linear holo effect.

Wow isn't it a beauty! I have to admit I preferred being able to see the monthly polishes before buying them, as now it's a mystery what colour you're going to get. Well a mystery until the spoilers from the US come out! 

I must say I think this, along with May 2013, is probably my favourite EP monthly polish!
Which has been your favourite so far? 

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OPI Anti Bleak & Quirk Polish Madame Thenardier!

Today I have to show you a stunning polish from last years OPI collaboration with Mariah Carey. Anti bleak is a gorgeous mid-tones plum creme, which is opaque in two easy coats.

I then wanted to give it a bit off added pizzazz by doing an accent with a stunning polish, made by Kerrie the mastermind behind UK Indie brand Quirk. I chose Madame Thenardier from the 'so bloody miserable' collection. I'm a huge fan of Les Miserables, I went to see the show last Summer, so it was a nice little reminder of it. The polish truly is stunning it's a mix of large & medium pink & black circle glitters, with tiny black squares & different shaped iridescent glitter. Unlike with most polishes that contain large pieces of glitter, no fishing was required. I layered two coats over anti bleak on my ring fingers.

Some of the polishes from the Quirk, 'so bloody miserable' collection are still available HERE!

Now onto the piccies!

I loved both polishes and thought the combination of the two together, worked really well. I 'll definitely be recreating this mani again! 

Have you tried any UK Indies yet?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Girly Bits D!ck in a box

Today I have a gorgeous polish, to show you, from US Indie brand Girly Bits, comically named D!ck in a box.

It's a beautiful deep charcoal grey with tightly scattered holo. 
It really comes alive under the camera flash.

Now onto the piccies, I used two coats for the pictures below and application was flawless.

Wow, isnt it a beauty! It's certainly left me in no doubt that I need more Girly Bits holo polishes! 

What are your opinions on the polish? Any other GBs polishes I need to try? 

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Glossy Box March 2014 Review

My first blog post in nice! 

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I haven't felt like blogging for a little while, however I'm finally feeling more like myself & I have some catching up to do! 

I know I've missed a lot of Glossy box reviews but I'm planning a post on my favourite items, from the boxes, that I've missed.

Now onto the March Edition of Glossy box which has the theme 'Beauty Blossom' which Is all about saying goodbye to Winter & welcoming spring, seems appropriate with the nicer weather we've been having lately! 

I must just say Glossy box changed their packaging at the start if the year...I for one am not keen on the new boxes! 
Here's my box:

 As always I'll review the items in the order of which I was most pleased with.

Firstly we have Sleek Makeup Pout Polish, a tinted lip balm. I received the shade Bonaire which looks bright orange in the pot! Luckily it goes on the lips as a subtle pop of peach, as seen below. 
Full size: £4.49

Next up we have Bellapierre cosmetics ltd shimmer powders. I received the shade Oasis dew-a pale bronze shimmer. These are multi purpose mineral pigments that can be used of the eyes, face & lips, they're 100% pure. 
Full size: £12.99

Mitchell and Peach English flowers body cream, not overy exciting but it smells nice! 
Full size: £36 for 180ml-sample 40ml approx £8

Juicy couture Malibu collection fragrance samples. Not keen on the smell of these or the fact you can pick them up for free in any department store.. 
Full size: £47 for 75ml - sample 1.5ml approx 94p each.

Finally Dove Hair Therapy intensive repair 60 second treatment shot. This is something i have no interest in using. products like this just, seem to, make my hair greasy, so this shall be going to my Nan who has very dry hair.
Full size: £1.49

Price of box inc P&P: £13.25
Value of contents: approx £28.85

I would say this months box is rather a mixed bag! Three good items & 2 rather poor items. I'm happy with the lip tint, shimmer powder & body cream. The perfume 'freebie' samples & hair shot let the box down a little. It's as if they're the items to bulk the box out. However this months box is good value for money. 

On a side note I think I must have been one of the only people to prefer MyHermes to the Royal Mail? I've already had problems with receiving my box and it's only the first month they've switched over! 

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