Tuesday, 30 April 2013

 Mariah Carey by OPI liquid sand nail polish collection

Today i will be reviewing a liquid sand nail polish by OPI in The Impossible.

These are an innovative polish which, although dry to a matte finish have a nice amount of glitter which really makes them sparkle. The texture i find, much like Marmite, is You either love it or you hate it. Some people say it feels like fine sandpaper, others say it's even grittier...I managed a day without topcoat. This is such a shame as i loved the look of the polish, just every time i touched my nails it made me shudder!

The Impossible is quite a complex polish. It is a gorgeous coral toned red/pink jelly base with silver, red/pink and purple micro glitters. It also has some medium silver 
hexagonal glitter and larger (illusive) holographic star glitter which i had a lot of fun fishing out...I gave up trying to get them on every nail!!

It reminds me of filling bottles with coloured sands at Weymouth, seafront. 

Here are the piccies:

Indoor lighting.

see the stars on the thumb!

low lighting.

In real life this polish really does have the most amazing sparkle, unfortunately it just doesn't seem to translate very well in these pics, argh!

When the texture got too much to handle I added some topcoat and WOW..Now this is more like it!

with flash.

Whats your take on the whole textured nail trend:
pretty or just pretty awful?

Thanks for reading,
i hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Barry M Rose Quartz glitter over Nails Inc George street.

I LOVE this glitter! It is about the most beautiful polish ever!
Rose Quartz is a mix of hexagonal rose coloured glitter and holographic micro glitter suspended in a clear base. This polish applies perfectly, no drag and the glitter applies evenly over the nail no need to go fishing for glitter! 

If like me you intend to use this polish over a base colour, I only used one coat...yes one coat and it creates the prettiest most sparkliest nails!  For a more opaque look two to three coats is advisable. Also it only needed one coat of topcoat to smooth it out nicely!

Next up is the undies-Nails Inc George Street. This is a beautiful nude shade that leans more towards pink. I find it suits me better than beige toned nudes. It is virtually opaque in one coat, but i added another in the pictures. As with all Nails Inc Cremes, the formula glides on effortlessly.

Now that's enough waffling it's time for the piccies!

low indoor lighting-no flash!
in very low lighting. It shows the true pink colour of the glitter.

low indoor lighting

Now don't adjust your monitor, in the next picture, my nails really are that sparkly!!!

with flash, slightly blurred to show the glitters!

What are your favourite Barry M polishes?
I think this has to be mine!!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you
back again soon!


Saturday, 27 April 2013

 A England Guinevere and She Walks In Beauty

Continuing with my previous A England post (see here A England Lovelies!) I have two more Beauts to show you today.

First up is Guinevere from The Mythicals collection which is an unusual choice for me. I would describe it as a pale, dirty mauve creme. Application, as with all A England's is smooth and opaque in two coats.

Next up is something that i think is rather special, She Walks In Beauty..and what a beauty she is!! This comes from their latest collection, The Heavenly Quotes. This particular polish is inspired by the poem of the same name by Lord Byron. 

She walks in beauty, like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies;
see the whole poem here: poetryfoundation

The polish is so unique and i have nothing like this in my collection.
It has large and small rose coloured hexagonal glitters suspended in a shifting golden/pink shimmering base.

with flash.

Guinevere with one coat of She Walks In Beauty on the ring finger.

taken in low lighting

With flash

with flash

I love, love, love A England polishes!
Have you tried any of The Mythicals yet? Are there any others I need??

Friday, 26 April 2013

Butter London Fiddlesticks

The best thing to come out of tkmaxx...?

At the end of last year i paid a visit to my local tkmaxx in order to do some bargain polish hunting. After the two previous times, when they had next to nothing, i didn't hold much hope! However they had a sale section...Butter London Lips & Tips gift sets reduced! They had three sets available and naturally i bought them all-my first Butter Londons!! 
Fiddlesticks, Westend Wonderland and a set of three lipglosses, which ranged from £5-£7...i know-mega bargain!

Today i'll be reviewing, the polish, fiddlesticks, a gorgeous jelly magenta base with pink glitter. Also under certain lighting I can see flashes of purple. 

This was my first experience of the brand Butter London and i have to say i'm impressed! It has a perfect two coat formula, smooth application and is long wearing. Also it doesn't require layer upon layer of topcoat to smooth it out.

So here's the Stunner:

with flash

in low lighting

another shot with flash, it's so twinkly!
indoor lighting

Butter London Lips & Tips:
The polish and lipgloss seem to match each other perfectly...in the packaging. Unfortunately on the lips, it's a whole different story.
Whereas the polish is perfectly opaque the gloss is rather sheer and a little sticky (very long hair+sticky gloss= total disaster!!), but it's nothing that a bit of matching lipstick underneath wouldn't fix. Don't get me wrong i do like the colour of the gloss a lot and will use it, especially as i prefer lighter coloured lip products the sheerness of this lipgloss worked in my favour!

with flash.

Finally i added an OPI glitter over the top; Polka.com from their spring/summer collection-Euro Centrale.
Although i thought this combo looked pretty, i think that next time i will try layering Polka.com over a more contrasting colour as although the blue glitter shows up nicely, the purple/pink is kind of swallowed up.

I love Polka.com, However it seemed to take weeks to dry! I had to resort to using my nail lamp in the end as even after an hour it was still tacky and I was afraid i'd do something clumsy and wreck it!!

What's your best tkmaxx find??

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The most gorgeous polish ever...??

This is the polish that really started my indie obsession, I place all blame on Smitten polish-I want it now. 

The name is synonymous with the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and is just as delicious looking as all the scrumptious treats in the movie! 

I'm guessing the name is no mistake, as when i saw it i thought, I want it on my nails now!! 

I'll let the polish speak for itself, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words...and I've given you four!

slightly blurred to show the sparkle.
taken in low lighting.

taken with flash...wow!!

I want it now is a green jelly base with lots of fine glitter-mainly green and turquoise, with some holo and black glitters too.
the black glitter really adds depth to the polish.

Although it's a jelly base it did cover in two rather generous coats, as the glitter is quite dense you will need a good top coat like gelous to make it smooth and shiny.

Have you fallen head over heels for indie brands like Smitten too??

Monday, 22 April 2013

Mini Egg Nails!

Illamasqua i'mperfection speckled nail polish in speckle.

This was my first Illamasqua nail polish and i absolutely adore it! 
It's lilac/lavender cream with round black glitter.

Pictures show two coats and word of warning it's a top coat gobbler! 
I used two coats of topcoat, but after a couple of days it needs another to stop it from dulling. 

Formula was a little gloopy but leveled itself out nicely on the nail, it lasted well over a week.

Picture taken in indoor lighting.
natural light
natural light
picture taken with flash

My only complaint with this polish is that it took about six weeks for me to remove! The foil method, the bourjois remover pot, picking it off...it was having none of it!

But it hasn't put me off as I now own Fragile (blue) (which was shown in last months vogue) band have ordered mottle (green) so I can have a skittle mani of mini egg nails!

I'm not sure if it still works but use the code WAH20 for 20% off at http://www.illamasqua.com/ and best of all it lets you have the 10% loyalty discount off too! 
I somehow managed to stop myself from ordering everything on the site and settled for two polishes: the previously mentioned mottle and Noble (bright turquoise creme) 

I'm desperate to try some of the rubber brights collection now, I'll have to hunt around for them though as some have been discontinued already! 

Have you used Illamasqua polishes and what's your take on the speckled effect?

Sunday, 21 April 2013

More Sun? 
Am i really in England?!

This weather means one thing...It's time to get the holos out! 

What's even better than buying yourself a gorgeous holographic polish? Buying a polish online, in a sale, and finding out it's a crazy  linear holo! 

Today we have a polish i purchased last year in the space nk online sale for about £3...Under normal circumstances this would be considered barginous, but finding out it's actually one of the most beautiful polishes ever makes it even more so! 

...so what is this miraculous polish I hear you say?
It's Rococo nail apparel in Andromeda, a brown/black charcoal polish full of linear holo pigment. 

It's a breeze to apply, opaque in two coats and lasted for about a week with no chips.

now let's get on with the piccies!

bottle shot with flash.

It's like a 70's disco in a bottle!
Pre-cleanup, two coats with flash
with flash, showing the charcoal  colour.
 And because i can't leave anything alone..

with flash.

Picture shows two coats of Andromeda  and I then added china glaze 'I Heard That' (from their on safari collection-fall 2012) which is a gorgeous copper, gold and holo glitter, to create a sparkly, gradient mani.

I am so glad i went out on a whim and purchased Andromeda, as it's shown me that sometimes it pays to take a risk and Polish outside of the box!

Has this sunny weather got you in the holo mood or are you digging out those summer brights?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The best Glossy Box yet! 

April Glossy Box edition:

Spring has finally sprung in the UK (about time) The sun has come out of hiding and bought with it the new April Glossy Box.

This limited edition box has been designed by Pearl Lowe and the gorgeous box, was inspired by the English country side.

This months theme is spring fever:

I always get so excited when i know that my Glossy Box has arrived and lately they have just been getting better and better and this month was no exception! 

Here's my box:

 In order of the most exciting: 

This months star item was an Essie nail polish, Glossy box selected 15 shades-i received the shade Bikini so teeny from the summer 2012 collection.
I have nearly bought this polish so many times and have been lusting after it for ages, so Glossy Box couldn't have got it more right-I was super happy to have received it this month! 
(apprx value £7.99)

Next up was an Illamasqua Medium pencil, which just having purchased their speckled nail polish, I am excited to try more from this brand.
i received the shade Elate which is pure white. These can be used on eyes, lips, face and body. I think I probably would have used a different colour more, but i'm happy to use this on my lower lash line as it makes your eyes look whiter, apparently.
(apprx value £13.00)

Next is a gorgeous body butter by Nip+Fab. 
Glossy box gave out 3 different versions: coconut, mango or pistachio.
I received Pistachio, which smells like heaven and, which i have wanted to try for ages!
 Glossy box how did you know?!
(apprx value £2.50)

Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream in summer meadow.
Not overly exciting but it does smell nice, their creams seem to make my skin dry, which i'm guessing isn't their desired effect!
(apprx value £3.50)

Lastly i received a mini perfume from Yves Rocher (i have previously had a mascara and lippie from this brand in glossy boxes) The scent is So Elixir Purple, 5ml.
(apprx value £4.40)

The box is amazing value for money with the contents amounting to over £30! 
The eyeliner itself paid for the box and the cost of postage! 
All in all well done Glossy Box, this has been my favourite box yet...how on earth can they top this?! 

Are you a Glossy box girl, if so did you receive any different items? 
  Do you subscribe to any other beauty boxes?

I Hope you've enjoyed my first Glossy Box review! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

I missed this..HOW?!! 

I don't know how on earth i missed this but OPI have bought their sister brand, Nicole by OPI, over to UK stores...Finally!!

I know they are available to buy online, but before this I had only stumbled across them once in tk maxx; which had the two kardashian mini sets, so i'm eager to try more!  

their current limited edition Modern Family collection has definitely got one or two pretties that have caught my eye- 'Luke of the draw' has my name on it! 

These are available to buy now priced £7.99 from: 

I will definitely be picking up one or two from this range as I've only ever had good experiences with OPI.

Have any caught your eye?

Jade Holographico Energy

Ok so it's been three days since i started posting nail piccies and this is my second holograhic polish...are you sensing a pattern? 

I do love a good holo and Jade do some amazing linear/crazy rainbow ones.

The picture below shows two coats +base and top coat. They are super easy to apply too! 

picture taken under dull indoor lighting.

As you can see the holo goodness is still easy to spot.

taken with flash.

It's like a party for your nails! 

I have to say i love this polish and think it is a really good price too; especially as a lot of brands add the word holographic and generally the price skyrockets.

the only downside is the tiny size 8ml and the fact it can be quite hard to find; until i heard about an amazing online shop based in the UK:

(disclaimer: it stocks so many drool worthy polishes that i take no responsibility for the amount of gorgeous polishes you may be inclined to purchase!)

 Have you tried any polishes from the Jade Holigraphico range or bought any lovelies from Sallymagpies?? 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A-England Lovelies! 

Warning: word heavy, slightly waffley post; but the polish deserves it! 

My first A-England polish was a gift from my boyfriend, it was Princess Sabra. Since then i have fallen for their gorgeous colours, longevity and sleek bottles.

So when they had a sale a few months back i had to purchase some that my collection desperately missed.

Here are shots of the bottles:

From left to right: Tess d'urbervilles, Dragon, lady of the lake, Guinevere and She walks in beauty.

There was another polish which managed to escape the picture-Jane Eyre, which happens to be named after my favourite book and which i have used in the mani below.

Taken without flash, as you can see the polish looks almost like a black creme. 

This is two coats (which would have applied perfectly apart from my slightly scraggly brush) with OPI pirouette my whistle and some larger round silver glitter from No7.

This was my first glitter gradient type mani, I didn't use a sponge i just wiped the brush so as there was hardly any glitter on it and dragged it upwards away from the cuticle. Then i fished out some of the larger round glitter and placed them on individually, for some added sparkle.

Now i almost didn't use this picture as it is pre-cleanup, and i'm a self-confessed perfectionist, but it is the only one in which i managed to capture Jane Eyre's hidden shimmer.

It is gorgeous, All of the Gothic beauty collection glow from within. Jane Eyre has a deep crimson shimmer, which i feel ties in perfectly, reminding me of the burning embers from the book.

This is the mani that i chose to wear to go and see the movie of Les Miserables. Somehow Jane Eyre seemed a fitting choice.

Do you love A-England polishes too? 
Which ones your favourite? 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

           I wanted my first pictures to be of a polish that i absolutely love...

 So I chose the gorgeous Austin powers by Enchanted polish.
it's pale gold and has a crazy linear holographic finish.
even in the lowest lighting you can still see the rainbow!


picture taken in low indoor lighting! 

Now i don't have favourite polishes, but if i did...

picture taken with flash.

Not only does this polish look amazing but a top coat doesn't dull the holo effect at all, it lasted almost a week with no chips.
The last i checked this polish was discontinued so i'm stashing my bottle away somewhere safe! 
I would definitely recommend Enchanted polishes as i find their formula and effect the best i have come across for a holographic polish.

Do you wear holographic polish or have any other favourite holos? 

thanks for reading and i hope you like my first polish blog doodah! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My first blog post!!

Hello there! 

I just thought i would tell you a little bit about me and what my blog will be about.

I'm Melissa (mel, meli, lissa, lissy...) i'm 20 years old, soon to be 21, i'm a self confessed shopaholic, animal lover and lover of anything sparkly-hence the name TheLuckyMagpie! 

I love to find a bargain and being a typical girly girl i love makeup, fashion and did i mention..shopping?! 

My main obsession is with nail polish, all nail polishes! 

Basically i wanted a place to share my main passions. I plan to do some reviews, swatches, and maybe share some little tit bits from my life-dozy moments and all! 

I also love books, i am an aspiring writer and i might share some extracts as i continue to write my first novel.

so that's it for now, i hope you'll come back to see my future posts!